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Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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  1. Take our video Tour
    . . . keep reading

  2. 7 "Knock Out" Career Lessons Our Moms Never Taught Us!
    Kellie D’Andrea
    As more women leaders step up in the business world, it's clear that we possess certain qualities that are not only effective but critical to our success in our careers but sometimes, when we are trapped in a male dominated world, Read on for 7 tips on how to hold on to your unique qualities while still getting ahead in your careers! . . . keep reading

  3. Episode 3:Mindset, Motivation, Marketing &Mentorship Master the 4 M's to Advance Your Career
    Kellie D'Andrea
    Mindset, Motivation, Marketing & Mentorship | Master the 4 M's to Advance Your Career . . . keep reading

  4. Episode 2: Advancing Your Career with Patricia Miller, COO of Nobel Learning Communities, Inc
    Kellie D'Andrea
    Join host Kellie D'Andrea for a fascinating conversation with Patricia Miller, COO of Nobel Learning Communities. In this episode, Patty shares her secrets to success and her top three pieces of advice for any women who wants to advance her career. . . . keep reading

  5. Episode 1: An Introduction to SheTalks Radio
    Kellie D'Andrea
    For months, I've been working on a project that is near and dear to my heart. Empowering women to do more, get more and have more has been a key mission of mine for some time now and I am happy to announce the official debut of SheTalks RadioTM . . . keep reading

  6. When in Doubt, Always Take the High Road! : 7 Ways to Show You Are a Person of Integrity!
    Each day I retreat to my office to write a new blog post. And each day, I stare at a plaque I keep on my wall that says: But, integrity is often a misunderstood word. What I like about the plaque above, is that it implies that integrity is innate, . . . keep reading

  7. Thank you
    Thank you for submitting your Query. Your request will be processed on a first-come, first served basis. Thanks . . . keep reading

    Kellie D'Andrea
    Welcome to Season 1, Episode 5 of She Talks Radio podcast. In this episode, Sue Guiher and I discuss how to thrive in life and in your careers. . . . keep reading

  9. How to Overcome Self Doubt Sabotage
    Kellie D'Andrea
    Welcome to May! It's a new month and the start of Spring. Around you there should be pop of color -Especially if you are in my neck of the woods in the Northeast. We had a very crazy winter where it went from cold to warm, to raining to warm to cold and the cycle repeated itself. . . . keep reading

  10. Thank-you
    You are almost there! Thank you for joining our mailing list. Go check your email and download your free report. Enjoy! Kellie PS. Would love to . . . keep reading

  11. Episode 4: The Important Qualities of Leaders with Kimberly Ferguson of K-Ferg Training.
    Kellie D'Andrea
    The Important Qualities of Leaders with Kimberly Ferguson of K-Ferg Training. . . . keep reading

  12. Evaluating Other People by giving Value to Your Interaction
    Lynette Crane, MA
    Evaluating other people is something you will do all of your life, both formally, as a teacher, parent, or manager, and informally, as in personal relationships with your peers. . . . keep reading

  13. Handling Direct Challenges to Your Authority
    Contributed by TanviGautam, PhD
    It was a quiet afternoon, as almost the entire team was out for an offsite retreat. It had been three months into my new job and I was left holding the fort. Then the phone rang. The CEO's office wanted some analysis in an hour. . . . keep reading

  14. Improve Your Focus by Minimizing Distractions
    Sue Becker, CPO-CD, ADD
    As we transition into summer, it's sometimes hard for me to stay focused on work-related tasks. Sunshine, singing birds, gentle breezes, even rainstorms all serve as potential distractions to my well-planned summer work schedule. I know many of you, especially those with AD/HD, face a similar challenge - . . . keep reading

  15. Are Women in Business More Ethical?
    Sally Bibb
    Some people argue that women are more ethical than men and point to female whistle-blowers as evidence of that. Sherron Watkins, Coleen Rowley and Cynthia Cooper all blew the whistle on Enron, WorldCom and the FBI respectively. What might that tell us? Perhaps women are more likely to challenge wrongdoing because they have higher moral standards. However we could all probably name men who we think are ethical as well as women who we think are not. Nevertheless you could argue that women tend to think more about the effect of their actions on other people than men do. . . . keep reading

  16. How to Network Better and Grow Your Business by Setting the Right Kinds of Networking Goals
    Beth Bridges
    Since networking has been presented as a "fuzzy" activity, you've probably thought that there's no way to set concrete goals. But there is a way to to set goals for networking that will help you clarify your activities, be more effective and know when you are doing it right. Here's how . . . keep reading

  17. Sometimes all you need to do is Believe!
    Many believe that creating a life of prosperity, wealth and happiness lies from some secrets found in books, programs or perhaps a system. While each of these have great merit and can inch you along in the process, they are not the best place to start. . . . keep reading

  18. DISC Profiles and understanding behavioral styles
    The Women in Facilities Maintenance & Construction group offer you a free Webinar on the DISC Personality Types and How to Enhance Your Communication Skills. . . . keep reading

  19. Five Tips on How to Relax Yourself
    Matt A. Perry
    Learning how to unwind is vital, specifically if you have anger management troubles. In reality, many anger management classes instruct their trainee's methods and exercises targeted at keeping one's cool in tense scenarios. If you know ways to stay calm, you'll prevent all of the damage you frequently cause when you explode in anger. If you are finding that it's really difficult, here are a few tips that may assist you. . . . keep reading

  20. Secrets for Hiring Exceptional Employees
    Kellie D Andrea
    Hiring well is more important than ever. A poor hire not only underperforms in his or her job, but can poison the entire organization. In today's sluggish economy, job seekers in many industries are competing for scarce positions, yet entrepreneurs report that finding top talent is still a big challenge. . . . keep reading

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    Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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