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John Maxwell

John Maxwell
The John Maxwell Company

And that influence begins with one - one person adding value. One person casting vision. One person making a lasting difference. And that one becomes many.

But it doesn't happen overnight. We believe leadership is a process. Growth is essential. After all, people are our most valuable asset. And you have the power to impact those lives. To motivate teams. To transform organizations.

Whether you know John Maxwell the author, the speaker, or the mentor - you will know John as the #1 leadership authority in the world. We are The John Maxwell Company, a leadership development organization built on the timeless leadership principles of John Maxwell.

The John Maxwell Company is intent on developing leaders at all levels. We don't just want to teach you about leadership. We want to instill in you a passion for leadership.

Our custom programs will inspire and challenge you to do more than just learn. We will equip you and your team to live out leadership. The way it was meant to be lived.


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John Maxwell
THINKING YOUR WAY TO THE TOP No one wants to feel invisible as they pass through life, yet we often get the impression that others see us as little more than a statistic. Our resume ends up in a pile, our performance reviews goes into a file, and like everyone else we get a raise every once in a while. In this lesson, I'd like to offer five practical steps to help you think your way to the top. . . . keep reading
John Maxwell
INVENTIVE THINKING Disheartened after another day of failing to connect with his students, the young teacher trudged upstairs to his office and slumped down at his desk chair in defeat. He was angry, and he had every right to be mad. After all, his boss at the YMCA had assigned him a seemingly impossible task. . . . keep reading
John Maxwell
CURBING THE ENTITLEMENT CULTURE Has America gotten soft? Lost its edge? Wandered off track? In many ways, society has indeed gotten soft. As younger generations of Americans, we have grown up accustomed to affluence and expectant of instant rewards for our efforts. As such, we tend to be wasteful, irresponsible, and undisciplined. . . . keep reading
When the Crowd Boos
John C. Maxwell
When the Crowd Boos President Harry S. Truman readily took responsibility for his decisions, and he was famous for saying, "The buck stops here." Though his approval ratings were only 20-30% for much of his presidency, Truman didn't waver. "I know the public is against me," he'd say, "but they'll come around." . . . keep reading
The Time of Your Life
John C. Maxwell
The Time of Your Life Which significant event or season would you describe as "the time of your life"? Perhaps your wedding day and honeymoon, an adventurous vacation, or the birth of a child. These memorable moments stick in our minds and remembering them brings back feelings of joy. Yet while our lives may be marked by notable occasions, they're not defined as much by any single event as by the unremarkable days which shape our character and values. The hours, minutes, and seconds in a day literally are the time of our lives. How we use them shapes who we are. To make the most of the precious resource of time, consider the following three steps. . . . keep reading
Mentoring: A Little of Your Time Makes A Big Impact
John C. Maxwell
Mentoring: A Little of Your Time Makes A Big Impact Ernest Kent Coulter walked away from a promising career as a newspaperman to serve as clerk in the New York Children's Court. He was disturbed by the procession of juveniles streaming through the state's penal system. Time and again, he witnessed the same pattern: a youth got into trouble, was branded as a "bad" kid, got into more scrapes with the law, and eventually grew into an adult criminal. . . . keep reading
The Drawbacks of DIY Leadership
John C. Maxwell
The Drawbacks of DIY Leadership As Americans, we love to roll up our sleeves and do it ourselves. We have an entire television channel, the DIY Network, dedicating to helping us tackle projects on our own--without relying on professional help. Rightfully, we feel a sense of pride after mastering new skills and empowering ourselves to build or fix something around the house. . . . keep reading
Winning America's Trust
John C. Maxwell
Winning America's Trust Public confidence in Congress has dropped to historic lows, and the American people have little to no respect for big businesses and banks. The President's approval rating hovers around 40%, and less than 1/3 of the public expresses "a great deal" or "quite a lot" of confidence in the media. At a time when a host of institutions are drawing negative reviews, whom do Americans trust? . . . keep reading
To Get Back to the Future, Take Care of Today
John C. Maxwell
To Get Back to the Future, Take Care of Today In the science-fiction classic, Back to the Future, Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) journeys 30 years back in time--from 1985 to 1955. While in the past, he saves his father (then only a teenager) from being hit by an oncoming car. In doing so, Marty unintentionally breaks the chain of events that led his father and mother to fall in love. Realizing he has jeopardized his future existence (by accidentally keeping his mom and dad apart), Marty spends the bulk of the movie attempting to repair the consequences of his actions. Before he can travel back to the future, he has to set the past aright by getting his parents back together. . . . keep reading
The Offseason
John C. Maxwell
The Offseason Busy seasons for leaders are like game days for athletes. During these stages of life, victory or defeat hinges upon the leader's ability to initiate action and execute the game plan. The stakes are high, adrenaline is flowing, and everyone is watching to see what happens. . . . keep reading
Overcoming Barriers to Communication
John C. Maxwell
Overcoming Barriers to Communication On May 10th, Microsoft announced its whopping $8.5 billion-dollar purchase of Skype. Why would the software giant pay such a princely sum for a company that had suffered $689 million dollars worth of losses in the previous year? Put simply, because Skype has lived up to its stated purpose: "to break down barriers in communication." For eight years, the VOIP provider has been on the leading edge of harnessing Internet technology to allow people to connect with one another across the globe. . . . keep reading
Leadership in Tough Times
John C. Maxwell
Leadership in Tough Times "All of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time." ~ John Kenneth Galbraith . . . keep reading
How to Succeed in New Surroundings
John C. Maxwell
How to Succeed in New Surroundings School is back in session. Over the past few weeks, millions of children have grabbed their backpacks and lunchboxes, boarded the bus, arrived at school, and walked into a classroom full of new faces. During the first day of school, a student's mind buzzes with questions: • Who will be my friends? • Does my teacher seem nice? • Are classes going to be fun? . . . keep reading
Gratitude: The Origin of Service
John C. Maxwell
Gratitude: The Origin of Service As a struggling comedian, Danny Thomas was discouraged and felt as if his career was headed nowhere. While attending mass, Thomas turned his attention to Saint Jude, the patron saint of hopeless causes. He whispered a prayer for guidance, vowing to give back if ever he was blessed with the ability to earn a living as an entertainer. . . . keep reading
Full Fledged Freedom
John C. Maxwell
Full Fledged Freedom Over the years, Americans have subscribed to three myths, or half-truths, about freedom. This partial understanding of freedom undercuts relationships, enfeebles the rule of law, and leads to an aversion to responsibility. By looking briefly at each myth, this article endeavors to aid leaders in rediscovering the essence of authentic freedom. . . . keep reading
Defining Moments
John C. Maxwell
Defining Moments When did you first realize that you were a leader? For me it happened as a fifth grade student in Mr. Horton's classroom. We were studying the legal system, and we planned to assemble a mock courtroom with attorneys, a jury, and a judge. When it came time to elect the judge, Mr. Horton passed out ballots, and we wrote down the name of the student who we thought ought to be the judge. I voted for Bill Phillips. He lived down the street from me, and we played ball together. Truthfully, I thought he'd be chosen as the judge. Yet, when we tallied up the votes of the twenty-seven kids in the class, twenty-six had voted for me, and my ballot was the only one for Bill. For the first time in my life, as a fifth-grader, I realized, "Oh, my goodness! I'm a leader." . . . keep reading
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