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Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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5 Proven Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty
Kellie D’Andrea
5 Proven Strategies to Build Customer Loyalty Building relationships is part of any business. Whether you are in business for yourself, represent a sales department or have an internal peer group. Here are five strategies that keep your customers coming back for more. . . . keep reading
Are Women in Business More Ethical?
Sally Bibb
Are Women in Business More Ethical? Some people argue that women are more ethical than men and point to female whistle-blowers as evidence of that. Sherron Watkins, Coleen Rowley and Cynthia Cooper all blew the whistle on Enron, WorldCom and the FBI respectively. What might that tell us? Perhaps women are more likely to challenge wrongdoing because they have higher moral standards. However we could all probably name men who we think are ethical as well as women who we think are not. Nevertheless you could argue that women tend to think more about the effect of their actions on other people than men do. . . . keep reading
Full Fledged Freedom
John C. Maxwell
Full Fledged Freedom Over the years, Americans have subscribed to three myths, or half-truths, about freedom. This partial understanding of freedom undercuts relationships, enfeebles the rule of law, and leads to an aversion to responsibility. By looking briefly at each myth, this article endeavors to aid leaders in rediscovering the essence of authentic freedom. . . . keep reading
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    Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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