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Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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Financial Management

Our stories of success and struggle in this industry are probably similar to yours: a desire to be recognized as a key contributor, a struggle to be heard in a male dominated world and advancement in a trade or position for which we have passion, but not at the expense of our financial security, health, family and womanhood.

The Demise of Borders Book Store
Loral Langemeier
The Demise of Borders Book Store Borders Book Store had more than 1,200 stores in 2003. Now they're closing the remaining 399 and the net effect is nearly 11,000 employees losing their jobs. What went so wrong? . . . keep reading
5 Quick Tips on How To Be A Millionaire
Loral Langemeier
5 Quick Tips on How To Be A Millionaire If you want to know how to be a millionaire, you need to study those who have already made it. How did they do it? What do they do differently? What sets them apart? . . . keep reading
(Keeping it Real) Shoe Box Accounting
Kellie D'Andrea
(Keeping it Real) Shoe Box Accounting By Virtual CPA Expert Cathy Iconis of Cathy Iconis, CPA .For those of you that have been hiding under your rock, yes, today [April 15th!] is the deadline to get your personal tax returns (or extensions) filed. . . . keep reading
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    Sometimes we just need some advice. Ask one of our mentors a question and get another's perspective.
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